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We, as Egeli & Co Family Office, produce proactive investment solutions in consistence with the life styles and expectations of the families by means of services at extremely highest levels. We notice many opportunities beforehand and discover hidden risks by the help of our business associates consisting of regulatory authorities, legal advisers, tax consultants, portfolio managers, investment managers, art consultants, real estate appraisers, insurers, family company specialists, corporate management specialists and other specialists. Accordingly, unlike the traditional wealth managers, we have a multidisciplinary proactive investment approach.

First of all, as a starting point for our services, we make a well-designed comprehensive discovery analysis to explore your family history, goals, dreams and values. At this stage, we work closely with all the members of your family to understand past, present and future expectations to determine the investment strategies correctly. We interview with all the family members and gather information, review financial, tax and legal situation of the family and determine the risks. We find out short and long term investment goals, and current asset allocation. We determine risk-return balance and detect whether the investment maturity is synchronized with the cash needs of the family.

After having known you well, understand your initial needs and determined the investment targets, we review status and needs of your family with our specialist team and subsequently determine personalized wealth management, relations management and asset optimization strategies. We consult with internal and external consultants and turn goals into objectives. At this stage, we set a timeline for implementation. Through portfolio managers, we determine asset allocation and distribution of the maturities in parallel with the liquidity needs.

After aligning your family’s goals for the future with the wealth management plans, our Family Office’s team starts to work in coordination with the local and foreign consultants to make your wealth sustainable in the long term. Services like; investment managers selection; supervision, monitoring and controlling of asset manager; structuring of the family foundation, preparations regarding monitoring of assets and wealth transfer;   performance of administrative acts relating to the movable and immovable assets; examination and representation of the venture capital investments; analysis and supervision of private label funds; real estate investments, appraisal; etc. is performed during this stage. While our team is periodically informing without going into unnecessary details, we continuously follow up economic appearance, performance and expectations in the market; constantly supervise and monitor external specialists; regularly control status of your family; adapt the family’s changing needs to the investment plan; and make changes in the investment strategy, if required. At this stage, we act as the only and exclusive communication desk for all the external consultants and specialists.

We use the latest technology and online interfaces to provide you 7/24 real time, integrated reporting. The consolidated reporting  for your net worth and portfolio  is including; allocations, summary, positions, holdings data and exposure, performance, transactions, risk, cash-flow, P&L reports.